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ZETA Alliance launched pilot projects of “Industrial IoT Solution” in Japan's Tokyu Toyoko Line, Meguro Line and Musa

2018/12/04 13:42:14

This large-scale project pilot is hosted by the Railway IoT Working Group of ZETA Alliance Japan, following smart city IoT facility demonstration project based on a city-wide ZETA LPWA communication infrastructure in Kyoto.

The Japanese IoT market is full of competition with similar solutions based on LoRa and Sigfox networks, however, solutions based on the ZETA technology is an important contender in Japan's important IoT projects with differentiators such as low power distributed networking, fast deployment and Edge-AI. The ZETA standard is widely recognized and accepted by Japanese companies.

The Meguro line is a railway route operated by the Tokyo Electric Railway. The route connects Meguro Station in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, and Musashi Kosugi Station in Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture with a distance of 11.9km, it is a very important rail transit line in Japan.

Recently, in order to improve the safety and maintenance of structures in and around Japan's stations, the Railway Working Group of ZETA Alliance Japan, with the assistance of Tokyo Kyuko Electric Railway Co., Ltd., plans to be in mid-May 2019 at the Musashi Kosugi Station pilot LPWA standard "ZETA".

The pilot will set up a base station at the Musashi Kosugi Station to check the sensor performance which installed at the stations outside and wireless communication with the base station. Monitoring the operation status or health status of the key facilities inside the station in real time. The aim is to reduce the cost of manpower and material resources, discover potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and maximize passenger safety.

The pilot is expected to last for 3 months (from mid-May 2019 to the end of August 2019), located at the Kyuko Line, Meguro Line, Takeshi Koyama Station, Shin-Maru Station, Yuansuke Station Platform, Lobby, and No. 1 Railway Crossing.

The pilot shall see the deployment of a facility condition monitoring system based on the ZETA standard (ZETA "Industrial IoT Solution"). ZETA is an LPWA IoT communication standard developed by ZiFiSense that supports ultra-narrow bandwidth multi-channel communication, distributed access to multi-hop networks, and low-power two-way communication.

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) is a communication method that realizes remote communication as low as possible and can monitor the condition of various devices at low cost. Similar to other LPWAs, ZETA can perform 2-10km wireless communication and use relay multi-hop function to achieve communication up to 4 times the distance. In addition, mote and sensors can be battery powered due to their low power consumption, so wiring is not required and can be deployed agilely. Battery life depends on the communication frequency and can be used for about 5 to 10 years.

Relying on the ZETA LPWA and AIoT technology and a variety of End-Smart sensors (vibration / temperature / current / sound), the monitoring system can early warning of impending failures, so as to significantly reduce loss due to equipment failure during production, compared to traditional emergency maintenance. At present, the system has been widely used in vertical scenes such as office buildings, hotels, industrial parks, and computer rooms. Commercial cases that have already landed include the Marriott Hotels and the Beijing Benz Factory. The pilot Tokyo Station is also the first scene of the system landing railway station, which is of great significance for further development and improvement of the ZETA AIoT full scene large ecological circle.

ZETA Alliance

With the increasing global influence of the ZETA technology developed by ZiFiSense, an international alliance is established aiming to enhance value creation of the technology through partnerships by joint use of knowledge, experience, resources and competence. The Alliance brought device development, system integration, cloud service, application development and service companies together to enable end-to-end innovation, research, and business activities globally.

Attachment: ZETA Alliance Railway Working Group

Participating enterprises include:

IT Access ( アイティアクセス)

OPTAGE (オプテージ)

QTnet Co., Ltd.

Techsor (テクサー)

Tokyu Techno (東急テクノシステム)


NEC Communication System,Ltd. (にほんでんきつうしんしすてむ)